Khai Liew + Smart Design Studio win Premier Award for Innovation + Excellence


Adjunct Professor and furniture designer Khai Liew recently finished a four year project that included a staggering 196 pieces.

The commission, for Australian billionaire Judith Neilson, was to design all the furniture for her new home Indigo Slam.

Indigo Slam by Smart Design Studio has won many international, national and local awards - notably the Premier Award for innovation + e​xcellence at this years Australian Interior Design Awards. Described as "a piece of sculpture to be lived in" a facade of sculptured concrete encases serene living spaces and monumental halls where light is the main decorative element.One of the pieces Liew is particularly proud of is the 64 seat table measuring 16 meters! He states that "the end result does not dominate the room, and the interior Architecture remains the main focus". Congratulations Khai on a incredible body of work and we look forward to seeing your solo exhibition at The Art Gallery of South Australia in 2019.