UniSA’s Sarah Sturm wins The State Titles of the National Canon Light Photography Award

The State Titles of the National Canon Light Photographic Awards were held on November 1st with Sarah Sturm, a 3rd year Photography student at UniSA, announced as 1st Place winner of the award. 

Sarah’s project is entitled "The Brides Bouquet."
An herbaceous plant, not often valued for its beauty, undesirable at most times with a destructive impact integrating itself into suburban gardens. More commonly renowned as weeds, these plants creep through the undergrowth amongst garden beds, main streets, and stingy alleyways. Squeezing their way between small cracks in concrete, under fences, expanding to great heights when “overlooked” by the masses. 

But how can this disregarded botanic material become something of a desire? Through taking segments of various weeds and discarded flowers throughout my neighbourhood, I was able to weave the plant matter to produce something gentle, and calming – words often not used to address weeds – and isolate it away from its natural environment. 

Using only a UV black light and the process of light painting to allow the viewer to bare witness to the spectrum of Ultra Violet Light, which the plant emits however is invisible to the human eye. This works validation is to point out the unnoticed flora and to view it in a new light. 

Sarah now goes onto the Australian Championships when later this month she will be flown out to a mystery location where she and the other state finalists will have 24hrs to photograph to a brief, edit, and display their work for a chance to win the national photography title. 

Image: Sarah Sturm