Creative Computing Studio

The Creative Computing Studio is a facility supporting a range of interdisciplinary research projects at the nexus of the creative arts, design and human computer interaction. The Creative Computing Studio features multi-modal interaction facilities (eg: motion capture and tracking, gesture recognition, voice recognition, etc) and hosts systems for virtual reality, augmented reality and full-body industry standard motion-capture. 

Come and do a PhD with us!

The Creative Computing Studio is currently seeking applications for a PhD candidate position exploring how shared virtual environments might foster collaborative creativity and innovation. A PhD scholarship is available to support a fully funded doctoral candidate.

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About Us

The Creative Computing Studio supports existing and emerging research into contemporary art, architecture and design practice with digital technologies. In particular, the Creative Computing Studio supports the conceptual and technical development of novel ICT systems for real-time 3D audio-visual human-computer interaction.

Applications of such capabilities include interactive creative arts (interactive performance environments, interactive installations, virtual reality applications), online and virtual pedagogy, collaborative research environments where participants can interact directly with data visualisations, computer gaming and multi-person communications where visually rich interactive data is a priority. The Creative Computing Studio works with partners across the University, such as Media Arts (School of Communications and International Languages) and the Advanced Computing Research Centre (School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences). The CCS is a founding partner of the Collaborative Embodied Movement Design Network, a project supported in part through the Australian Research Council's  Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities fund, including research partners in Austalia and internationally.

Higher Degree by Research Candidates

Alex Degaris-Boot

Adis Regar

Thomas Folber

Creative Computing Studio Specifications

67 square metre dedicated facility for human computer interaction

  • 2 six core i7 PCs with NVidia GTX970 video cards with 65-inch SONY 3D UHD LED video displays and 3D glasses
  • 1 PC dedicated to Optitrack motion capture system
  • Twelve camera Optitrack motion capture rig with Motive: Body software
  • 2 Microsoft Kinect motion tracking units
  • 2 Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted displays
  • 2 Epson HD 3D video projectors with 3D glasses
  • 1 Canon 6D camera with programmable Gigapan head and tripod for high definition three dimensional photography
  • Quadraphonic Rokit 6 surround-sound system with Behringer mixer
  • Wii 3D pointers
  • Razr Hydra 3D multi-user interaction unit
  • High-end mobile computing
  • Microsoft Hololens

The Creative Computing Studio is fully networked for live-streaming between local and remote systems.


PhD by Research Opportunity

The Creative Computing Studio is seeking applications for a PhD candidate position in collaborative creativity and innovation in virtual environments.

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