Digital Transformations

Digital Transformations research explores how culture is transformed by information and communication technologies and their implications for our future. We ask questions about what it is to be human in a technologised world and to what extent we are already technologically hybridised.

Based within the University of South Australia’s School of Art, Architecture and Design, Digital Transformations' research is undertaken in our facilities in Building and Urban Informatics and Creative Computing. We explore the transformative potential of digital technologies in art, architecture, planning and design and how this impacts our society.

Our research recognises the convergence of media through digital technology is a historical given and that fundamental interdisciplinary questions now arise concerning human agency, identity, knowledge and imagination. Our research engages with and has outcomes relevant in the creative arts, design, architecture and construction, media industries, cultural and social theory and human-factors and has impact in the arts, entertainment, the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum (GLAM) sector, heritage and humanities, the urban and built environments, and product development.

Our partners include organisations and companies active in art-science collaboration, sustainability, performance technologies, urban informatics, game design, architecture and construction, and the GLAM sector.