What is matchstudio?

match studio is a dynamic space where students, academics and researchers from the University of South Australia can step outside of their knowledge domains to generate out-of-the-box ideas and co-create feasible innovations that address challenges faced by society.

Drawing from the University’s 45 academic disciplines, match studio develops project-specific interdisciplinary communities of practice that approach problems from new and user-focused perspectives to help our clients to:

  • generate and test ideas;
  • act as a catalyst for product and service innovations;
  • integrate design thinking and user-centred co-design with research to develop ideas and proposals for product, service, policy and social innovations;
  • develop concepts and prototypes of products and service innovations;
  • demonstrate proof-of-concept for larger projects, including industry development and research grants.

match studio works with industry, government, non-government and not-for-profit organisations to help them solve business and organisational problems by offering a suite of cutting-edge thinking and collaboration tools and solutions.

We apply ‘design thinking’ and ‘co-design’ methods and methodologies to:

  • identify and articulate a challenge
  • develop solutions by collaboration and iteration; and
  • deliver outcomes (products, services, processes, knowledge) that are designed to make a difference.


match studio offers a range of engagement opportunities via three overarching modes of activity:

  • Course-based projects linking students and industry;
  • Workshops using design thinking and co-design for and with UniSA staff, industry and community groups;
  • Industry-focused, research-led projects led by UniSA academics.


match studio’s course-based, industry-linked projects enhance the range of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities for students at UniSA. Co-designed by teaching academics and partners from a wide range of sectors and industries, these projects provide a focus for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning and contextualise students’ disciplinary knowledge by addressing a real-world or industry-linked challenges. This develops work-ready graduates and builds interdisciplinary problem-solving skills and innovation capacity in the next generation of budding professionals, and it also enhances the capacity for innovation in our clients and partners. 



match studio presents a range of both one-off and multi-session workshops for UniSA staff and partners from business, government and community organisations. These are aimed at building awareness, skills and capacity for ‘user-centred design’, ‘co-design’ and ‘design thinking’ approaches. Participants then take these learnings in human-centred design away with them, stimulating innovation in their organisations and enhancing the ways they think. The workshops provide a cost-effective engagement with the University’s diverse knowledge resource.



UniSA researchers are encouraged to engage with match studio in its role of leading or supporting the development of specialist teams and the delivery of interdisciplinary research projects. This can be in the form of academic research consultancies, support for Higher Degree Research students seeking to apply co-design and design thinking methods within their research, or by introducing an aspect of their research project into either a postgraduate course-based research project or as a problem-based learning topic within an existing undergraduate course.


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Recent Project

matchstudio Current Project

Eye Candy

A public exhibition of eyewear designs by industrial design and visual art (jewellery) students. Students worked in a cross-disciplinary studio environment to develop concepts for, and prototype, wearable 3d models of eyewear.

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