Eye Candy- from the poetic to the practical

Client: Health Partners Optical

Students from Industrial Design, Architecture Design, Jewellery Design and Visual Art worked in cross-disciplinary students to develop concepts for, and prototype wearable 3D models of eyewear. The eyewear had to be beautifully crafted, well fitted, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing and could fall under their choice either avant-garde, designer, contemporary, boutique, minimalistic or traditional style. A selection of the end results was then displayed in the Health Partners Optical Pirie Street Store. Throughout the project, students had the opportunity to meet and learn from internationally renowned eyewear designer, Jonathan Hennessey Sceats. A public exhibition of eyewear designs by industrial design and visual art (jewellery) students. Students worked in a cross-disciplinary studio environment to develop concepts for, and prototype, wearable 3d models of eyewear.

  • Patrick

    Example of student work - Patrick

  • MS-10

    Example of student work - MS-10

  • Michael Summers

    Example of student work - Michael Summers

  • Michael Di

    Example of student work - Michael Di

  • Lauren Williams

    Example of student work - Lauren Williams

  • John Nichols

    Example of student work - John Nichols

  • Hannah

    Example of student work - Hannah

  • Araceli Silva

    Example of student work - Araceli Silva

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