AAD Higher Degree Research - International Travel Award  Helen Stacey

This award was initiated by alumni of the South Australian School of Art, Helen Stacey, who wishes to enrich the experience of Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates by enabling them to undertake more extensive research overseas.

As a HDR art and design candidate undertaking a major research project that relates to a specialisation or culture outside of Australia you may need financial support to enable you to extend your proposed field trips and research opportunities.  This award can not only develop your research but broaden your personal and academic development.

Art, Architecture and Design Higher Degree Research International Travel Award

This award will be valued at $2,000 and will be available to HDR candidates who wish to undertake research related to their thesis topic in a geographical area outside of Australia.


The grant will be awarded to the applicant who, in the view of the selection panel, best demonstrates:

  1. The significance of their research topic;
  2. How the proposed fieldwork will be relevant to their approved research topic and the significance of the contribution that will make to it; and
  3. The potential for benefits from the proposed fieldwork, e.g. production of an article for submission to a refereed journal or refereed conference; development of creative art works for exhibition at a nationally or internationally recognised venue; local or other conference presentation; contribution to honours or higher degree program; development of a teaching resources; or potential benefits for the community or profession.


The candidate must:

  1. Be currently enrolled in one of the following listed higher degree research programs in the Art, Architecture and Design School
  • Master of Visual Arts             
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Arts)
  • Master of Design                    
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Design)
  • Master of Architecture           
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture)
  1. Have had their completed research proposal accepted and have been granted the appropriate ethics and/or safety clearances
  2. Be making satisfactory progress as indicated in the annual review of progress and/or provide a statement of support from their supervisor
  3. Present an application explaning how their research project will be enhanced by the travel; and
  4. Have had that application endorsed by their higher degree supervisor/s.

If you would like to be considered for this award please contact the AAD Research Team for an application form and send the completed form back by the end of October.

Please direct any queries to AADResearch@unisa.edu.au