The Art, Architecture and Design School hosts a range of events that are open to the community, industry and of course, students. We invite you to keep an eye on our achievements and our upcoming events.

2016 Graduate Exhibitions

Architecture Video

Forge: Master of Architecture & Bachelor of Interior Architecture Graduate Exhibition 2016

Vis Arts Video

Pretty Ugly: Bachelor of Visual Arts & Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) Graduate Exhibition 2016

Industrial Design Video

Make It Better: Master of Design (Industrial Design) and Graduate Diploma in Design (Industrial Design) Graduate Exhibition 2016

Drawn at Singaplural

Drawn is a collection of works by students and staff from the UniSA School of Art, Architecture and Design. Drawn features art and design stories told through the medium of drawing. The works have been created by staff and students from a range of art and design disciplines.

Drawn explores the diverse and unique methods of storytelling found across all art and design disciplines, encompassing works by students and staff from industrial design, architecture, interior architecture, illustration, visual communication and visual arts. The works make use of the fundamental method of storytelling through drawing to develop and communicate ideas.

Each discipline uses different mediums and methods to complete a drawing but share a common goal; creating engaging stories told visually.