Kellie Grycewicz

Kellie Grycewicz

Powerplant Studios by Kellie Grycewicz. Activating a blackspot service lane. Image courtesy of Andrew Wallace

The fundamental concern of interior architecture is the relationship between people and their environment. Students of the Bachelor of Interior Architecture program examine this relationship in a series of urban place-making projects, focusing largely on the developing west end of the city of Adelaide. In re-imagining this hotbed of development, students are encouraged to take their knowledge of the intimacies of the interior built environment and apply it to the public realm.

In tandem with their core studies, students explore what constitutes a ‘good’ place based not solely on public realm, landscape, or buildings, but also considering the quality of ground floor interior spaces and the manner in which they interface with the street. This works towards a collective expansion of our understanding of place-making processes, facilitating progressive and proactive explorations of place quality beyond the road, footpath, and building boundary, to include public interior space.

These place-making projects capture the nexus of interior and exterior; they encourage students to reposition their fine grain design practices to work towards the shaping of cities, and demonstrate their capacity to think beyond the walls and influence the shape and amenity of public space.

Student projects have informed and continue to inform place-making strategy in the west end of the city. Student work has been presented to city mayors and senior state government stakeholders, including the Premier of South Australia and the Capital City committee.