August Research Highlights


  • Stefanie Duhr, Research Professor in Urban and Regional Planning, recently contributed to the EU's competitive research funding processes as one of the expert evaluators on the EU Research Framework Programme Horizon2020 calling on ‘innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable urban environments [TRANSFORMATIONS-03-2018-2019]’

  • Ron Corso undertook consultancy work for Philmac Industries, facilitating the planning of Creative Thinking workshops for engineers and designers working on agricultural water distribution solutions


Presentations, Conferences and Events

  • Ian Gwilt, Professor in Design, gave a presentation at the biannual meeting of the Australian Council of Graduate Research (ACGR), the national peak body for Deans, PVCs and others with institutional responsibility for graduate research programs in Australian and NZ universities. The talk addressed Practice-based Research Training and the multi-modal nature of creative research practice - implications for selection and admission, ethics training, progress and examination etc. The other speakers in the session were Associate Professor Sandra Gattenhof from QUT, who spoke about creative practice research at QUT and Associate Professor Bronwyn Lea, UQ, who spoke about creative writing as part of the PhD

  • Ron Corso has conducted two workshops for Primary and Secondary teachers on applying a Creative Dimension to the general curriculum and the application of Design Thinking to the SACE Stage 1 and 2 Research Project. Participants were introduced to a range of methodologies utilised in our Creative Thinking courses in the School of Art, Architecture and Design, and strategies for applying these across disciplines to build creative capacities in students

  • Robert Crocker moderated a webinar on Wednesday 22nd May on the topic of Beyond E-waste Recycling – Electronic Consumption and the Challenge of Sustainability. Robert is the Deputy Director of the China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development.

  • In May, the Creative Computing Studio in the Digital Transformations research concentration hosted choreographer Sarah Neville and the final year Dance program cohort of the Adelaide College of the Arts, producing a new dance work employing advanced motion capture and visualisation techniques, to be experienced in virtual reality in late 2019 at the AC Arts graduation performances and events.

  • Dr Damian Madigan presented “The Missing Middle: increasing the density and diversity of housing in Australia’s suburban cities” at the AHURI National Housing Conference in Darwin in August.

  • Dr Damian Madigan has commenced work on “Cohousing for Ageing in Place: A Collaborative Design Research Project”. The project has received over $80,000 of funding from the Office for Ageing Well (SA Health), the State Planning Commission, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, and the local Councils of Unley, Burnside, Walkerville and Prospect. Fourth year Master of Architecture student Alex Stadtkus is employed as a Research Assistant on the project.

  • Darren Fong and Linda Pearce attended the first Software.carpentry workshop held at the University of Adelaide on 27th and 28th August. The workshop is designed for researchers and aims to teach non-coders some of the basics of programming in a supportive and friendly environment. The Adelaide workshop was supported by all local universities, AARNet, CSIRO and the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

  • Jo Mignone was awarded a 2018 High Attainment in Student Evaluations of Teaching at the recent EASS awards presentation.



  • Dühr, Stefanie (2018). Stadt- und Raumentwicklung Niederlande [Urban and spatial development in the Netherlands]. Handwörterbuch der Stadt- und Raumentwicklung [Manual of urban and spatial development]. Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung (ed.), Hannover: ARL, pp. 2297-2308. [in German]

  • Biggs, Simon (2019). Exiting the Comfort Zone: From Algorithm to Interaction in the Early Work of Simon Biggs. Leonardo Journal, Volume 53 Issue 3, MIT Journals. Cambridge: Mass

  • Blaiklock, David and Mignone, Jo. ‘Visual notation: an image making approach for communication in illustration education’ International Journal of the Image, Volume 10 Issue 2, 1-9. 

  • Dr Naomi Merritt’s work was featured as the front cover of a new academic book on French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (Deleuze’s Philosophical Lineage Vol.II, G. Jones and J. Roffe (eds.), Edinburgh University Press, 2019). The work chosen is an experimental black and white photogram.

  • Blaiklock, David. ‘What is the nature of illustration expertise?’ in A Companion to Illustration: Art and Theory, Professor Emeritus Alan Male (ed). 2019.

    This is a unique publication within the field of illustration as there is “no equal; there is no comparative volume as the majority of books about illustration contain relatively scant critique or objective evaluation … the principle objective for this publication is to be a benchmark reference volume, setting the agenda for the discipline of illustration and influencing the shape of the intellectual conversation around the discipline moving forward. It is ambitious in scope and makes the most significant statement about the subject in a contemporary context” (Alan Male, 2019).

  • Dr Naomi Merritt has signed a contract with Bloomsbury to write a book on the Canadian photographer Jeff Wall, titled 'Jeff Wall and the Concept of the Picture'.  From a contemporary vantage point, this book evaluates the conditions that established Wall’s legacy, and his shaping of the medium of photography since the late 1970s, against the backdrop of the demise of modernism and the transition from analog to digital photography. It argues that Wall’s seminal project should be understood as a critical investigation of the ‘Western Concept of the Picture’.