Fish River Ranger Accommodation

Timeline: 2016 – 2018
Client: Indigenous Land Corporation
Location: Fish River, Northern Territory
Funding: Indigenous Land Corporation

Building on a history of indigenous housing in remote locations, the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) invited the Design Construct program to propose upgrades to existing ranger accommodation and new kitchen and dining facilities. The Fish River Station was acquired by the ILC in 2010 to manage cultural and natural heritage as part of the Australian Government’s Working on Country Scheme and employs aboriginal rangers from the nearby Daly River community.

The project aimed to improve the living conditions of the rangers by retrofitting existing structures to address the extreme climatic conditions of the Northern Territory. This included insect screening, improved privacy and passive design principles to avoid reliance on air conditioning systems. UniSA Masters of Architecture students developed the design following a consultation and site visit in 2016.

Prefabrication commenced in early 2018 at our Mawson Lakes facility and construction on site was undertaken over 12 days in July 2018, involving collaboration between Design Construct staff and students and local rangers. The Fish River project maximised the Design Construct program’s prefabrication capacity and the client’s hands-on contribution to deliver an economical solution to this remote site.

The accommodation upgrades are currently being monitored over a 12-month period as part of a university funded URIPA post occupancy research project, aiming to identify the impact of the upgrades.

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