What’s Art Got to Do with It? - Artists on the Frontline: Creating Value Out of Conflict


22 March 2019, 6:00 PM — 22 March 2019, 7:00 PM

Adelaide City Library, Level 3, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall

Artist Ben Quilty stands in front of one of his paintings

What’s Art Got to Do with It? - Artists on the Frontline: Creating Value Out of Conflict

This month, join us at the City Libray as we examine artists’ perspectives on conflict & their conflicting roles in creating value for society.

Boram Lee, PhD in Finance, is a Senior Lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management, University of South Australia. She is specialised in the field of accounting and finance with an emphasis on behavioural studies based on psychological approaches.

She also has a wide range of research interests in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary studies, covering the valuation of arts and culture, creative fundraising, arts governance and accountability, artists’ labour markets, well-being and entrepreneurship. She is one of the recipients of the 2014 UK Arts and Humanity Research Council Cultural Value Project Research Development Grant.

Prior to her academic life, she managed international tours of highly respected theatre companies, worked as a producer at arts festivals, and participated in many visual arts projects. Her professional involvement and life-long interest in theatre and the visual arts sectors led her to her current active research interests.

In this talk, Dr Boram Lee presents a case study of artists on the frontline, including Australian contemporary ’war artist’, social activist & commentator Ben Quilty.

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The Quilty survey exhibition can be viewed until 2 June at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Banner photo: Daniel Boud

Thumbnail image: Ben Quilty, Australia, born 1973, The Blue Pill (explain the world), detail, 2016, Southern Highlands, New South Wales, oil on linen, 183.0 x 173.0 cm; Private collection, Courtesy the artist.