Guildhouse Symposium: From Studio to Gallery


11 May 2019, 12:00 PM — 11 May 2019, 6:30 PM

praxis ARTSPACE, 68-72 Gibson St, Bowden, SA 5007

Guildhouse Symposium: From Studio to Gallery


Image courtesy of Guildhouse

From Studio to Gallery, presented by Guildhouse, is a symposium unpacking the trajectory of an artist's practice. Featuring four panel discussions, chaired by diverse industry leaders, the symposium will shape conversations between emerging, mid-career and established practitioners.

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Studio Practice
Panel Chair - James Dodd

Artists from various stages of their career discuss what studio practice means to them and how they transitioned from training to working in their own studio. Mid career and established artists discuss the studios and residencies they have been involved in and reveal how to create the studio that suits them and their practice.

Supporting Your Practice
Panel Chair - Catherine Truman

Catherine Truman guides a conversation with artists around a creative practitioners well being. Looking after both body and mind, the discussion looks at endurance performance, to juggling the life / art balance, or developing working practices to support the longevity and momentum of an arts practice.

What art school doesn’t prepare you for
Panel Chair - Christian Lock

Experienced artists discuss how and what they learnt outside of the institutional structure. Whether returning to the studio after completing a major project or or straight from art school, how does one retain focus? This session is led by Christian Lock, Lecturer in Painting at the University of South Australia.

In The Gallery
Panel Chair - Patrice Sharkey

Curators discuss their relationship with artists and the gallery. Unpacking their personal process around curating an exhibition or a gallery program and their methods to building a mutually beneficial connection with artists.