In 1999, architecture students from UniSA and UNSW were invited to collaborate in various design projects in and around the Aboriginal community of Warburton, WA. This was the first engagement the Design Construct Program had with an Indigenous community and led to the design and construction of a visitor’s centre and gallery for the Patjarr Aboriginal Community for the sale of art and artefacts to visitors to the Community. 

This project was extremely remote being 2,500km from Adelaide and required the SDCP to develop specialized methods of prefabrication, transportation and construction appropriate for the long distances over extremely rough roads and for the arid desert environment. In 2002, the Patjarr Community Visitor’s Centre project        was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Community Service by the University of South Australia for services rendered to the Patjarr Aboriginal Community. The project was completed in 2003. In 2004, the Patjarr Aboriginal Community Visitor’s Centre was awarded the Colorbond Steel Award by the Australian Institute of Architects.

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Current Project

Design And Construct

In early 2012, on the basis of evolving experience with remote Indigenous projects, the Design Construct Program was invited to assist a community at Port Resolution, Tanna Island, Vanuatu, to design and construct visitor accommodation as a means of generating income for children’s education.

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As a participant in Design Construct you will be involved in all stages of the building process, including developing design proposals, dealing with clients, building and documentation. This valuable process is one of the best possible preparations for your professional life.

Projects pass through several phases:

  • Design: students are briefed, survey sites and produce proposals
  • Design development: students undertake intensive courses, developing their designs in small groups
  • Planning and certification
  • Building: two-week prefabrication sessions are run during student holidays. Students are also involved in on-site building

Projects are generally long-term and pass from one group of students to another.

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