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Match Studio is the University of South Australia’s innovative learning space, geared to support skills development through client-focused interdisciplinary project collaboration and professional practice.

Match Studio enables students from across the University to undertake work integrated learning to learn about and apply design management methodologies to co-create innovate solutions to real-world challenges.

Through systems thinking, design thinking, and co-design, Match Studio facilitates an engaging student learning experience supporting the contextualisation of an individual’s disciplinary knowledge and development of professional acumen.

Delivering rich, research-engaged, action-based learning, a Match Studio experience better prepares university graduates for employment. Clients include community organisations, businesses across a range of industries, and local and state government policy makers and agencies. Match Studio fosters the creation of multiple forms of value – for students, researchers, clients, and society.


Are you a student looking to gain real-world experience linked to your studies and enhance your employability skills?

Enrol in a Match Studio elective! You can use your program's free elective to enrol in ARCH 2027 Match Studio Projects (undergraduate) and ARCH 5047 Match Studio Projects: Advanced (postgraduate). If you have already used your free elective reach out to your program director or school office to see how you can fit the course into your study plan.

These courses will give you practical experience, help you to further your interpersonal and professional skills, and develop an awareness of workplace culture and expectations. You will get to work with real clients on real workplace challenges and will create tangible outcomes you can add to your CV. To register your interest and join or mailing list send your name, student ID and program details to


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[Design thinking] draws on collective intelligence to produce results that are greater than the results possible by individuals working alone. – Rob Curedale (2013)


Studio based education is a distinctive form of practice-based learning that integrates the acquisition and application of skills and knowledge in professionally relevant projects and tasks. Studio pedagogy combines theory, application, practice and reflection in a highly interactive and supportive peer-to-peer learning environment.

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