The Art, Architecture and Design School hosts a range of events that are open to the community, industry and of course, students. We invite you to keep an eye on our achievements and our upcoming events.

Art & Design Honours End of Year Exhibition, SASA Gallery, 2018. Image by Rebecca Cole.

End of Year Exhibition


The End of Year Exhibitions are an opportunity for students of the School of Art, Architecture and Design to culminate their studies in a celebration with friends, family, peers, and mentors.

Showcasing our emerging artists, designers, architects and planners, the End of Year Exhibition is a unique opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders and show the outcomes, educational and practical, of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The End of Year Exhibition is also a vehicle for awards, grants, and prizes, rewarding the cohort's high achievers, emerging talents, innovators, and research successes. 

2016 Graduate Exhibitions

Architecture Video

Forge: Master of Architecture & Bachelor of Interior Architecture Graduate Exhibition 2016

Vis Arts Video

Pretty Ugly: Bachelor of Visual Arts & Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) Graduate Exhibition 2016

Industrial Design Video

Make It Better: Master of Design (Industrial Design) and Graduate Diploma in Design (Industrial Design) Graduate Exhibition 2016