Higher Degree Completions

This page lists all Higher Degree Research completions from 2013 onwards. If you are interested in reading the theses, please click here and search by thesis title.

Please note not all theses will be available due to individual restrictions enacted by the authors.



 Aleksandra Antic

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Greg Donovan

Mirroring echo: exploring the interface between communication and a sense of self through a contemporary visual arts practice

Andrea Przygonski

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Simon Biggs

Transfiguring the terrain: variation through serial iteration

Susan Avey

Supervisors: Christine Garnaut & Julie Collins

Acres of Adelaide: everyday people, processes and patterns in a settler-colonial urban plan 1836-1881

Kyra Wood

Supervisors: Christine Garnaut & Angelique Edmonds

Collaborative urban design for stakeholder engagement in world cultural heritage conservation: a practical study in the context of the citadel wall in Hue, Vietnam 

Andre Khoury

Supervisors: Thomas Mical & Julie Nichols

Spatial alterity –in–trace two Beirut interfaces

Sue Michael

Supervisors: Andrew Hill & Chris Brisbin

Expanded understandings of place making through genre painting: a heuristic study in the Mid North of South Australia

Michelle Nikou

Supervisors: Jim Moss & Greg Donovan

We have art in order not to die of the truth: a critque of the dominance of the conceptual model in visual art pracatice

Gail Hocking

Supervisors: Jim Moss & Peter Walker

A quiet disturbance: observing a transient state of matter

Jessica Taylor

Supervisors: Louise Haselton & Mark Kimber

Monsters, meat and meta; an artist’s guide to making a friend of the horror genre

Alex Degaris-Boot

Supervisors: Simon Biggs and Naomi Merritt

Queer embodiment and network-based media: reconfiguring cartesian understanding of the body and technology within a visual arts practice

Ni Putu Giri Putri Setyawathi

Supervisors: Alpana Sivam & Sadasivam Karuppannan

An investigation into the relationship between landscape aesthetic perception and preference for healthy behaviour in a semi-rural area

Lev Makaev

Supervisors: Johannes Pieters & Helena de Anstiss

Geographies of resettlement: cultural capital and the Lhotshampas of South Australia

Melinda Gaughwin

Supervisors: Kathleen Connellan & Veronika Kelly

'Not without my iPhone': a critique of design, consumerism, desire and Apple inc

Bethany Keough

Supervisors: Alana Sivam, Helen Feist & Jane Andrew

The impact of the social environment, the built environment and place attachment on wellbeing for older Australians




Sabine Pagan

Supervisors: Linda Walker & Vicki Crowley

The architecture of jewellery: on milieu, emotive spatiality and memories

Jasmine Symons

Supervisors: Kathleen Connellan & Kay Lawrence

Ambiguity makes sense: an exploration of the creative relationship between mothering and painting; featuringcontemporary oil painting practice as an auto-ethnographic research methodology

Ben Leslie

Supervisors: Louise Haselton & Peter Walker

To Brancusi and back via Bunnings: the return to the studio within contemporary sculpture



Louise Bird

Supervisors: Christine Garnaut & Julie Collins

Planning for open space in postwar South Australia: open space benefits and local open space systems at Elizabeth, Noarlunga and Golden Grove

Angela Dawes

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Mary Knights

Acts of Observation: drawing time from nature

Naomi Hunter

Supervisors: Kay Lawrence & Gabriella Bisetto

The distance within: investigating an experience of embodiment through glass making


Belinda Paulovich

Supervisors: Robert Crocker, & Kathleen Connellan

Developing a co-design model through the production of education materials in the health environment

Martin Van De Weyer

Supervisors: Robert Crocker & Sean Pickersgill

The Nintendo Aesthetic: An analysis if the Japanese Origins and Global Impacts of Nintendo's Playful Worlds of Fantasy

Maarten Daudeji

Supervisors: Jim Moss & Mary Knights

Black Hole Dreaming:  Negotiating the Singularity problem through a Practice-Led Doctoral Research Project within the Visual Arts

Heidi Kenyon

Supervisors: Mary Knights & Mark Kimber

The past that does not pass: manifestations of memory informing a contemporary sculpture and installation practice

Christabel Kelly

Supervisor: Olga Sankey

Hidden in plain sight: an investigation of the walked landscape and desire lines

Sasha Grbich

Supervisor: Olga Sankey

Performative encounters: making conversations with local worlds

Elizabeth Bevan-Parrella

Supervisors: Greg Donovan & Andrew Hill

Follow any path from A to B: ‘useless’ gardens: gifted ecologies

David Kelly

Supervisors: Greg Donovan & Andrew Hill

AN UNCONFIRMED NUMBER: A Memory of Indigenous Massacres during ‘The Killing Times’ in the colonisation of NE Western Australia

Joanne Cys

Supervisors: Linda Walker & Judith Brine

An undisciplined Discipline

Bradley Lay

Supervisors: Louise Haselton & Jim Moss

The Great Shroud: Exploring the sublime as Oceanic Otherness through a Contemporary Visual Arts Practice

Tom Squires

Supervisors: Linda Walker & Jim Moss

Replacement of the Model

Elyas Alavi

Supervisors: Andrew Hill & Greg Donovan

The Uprooted Tree: reflections on displacement, memory, journeying home and hazara experience

Atiq Zaman

Supervisors: Robert Crocker & Christine Garnaut

A strategic Waste Management framework and tool for the development of zero waste

Simone Kennedy

Supervisors: Kay Lawrence & Wendy Bastalich

Re-imagining the mother: the horror and pleasure of reconstructing the ‘self’ in response to an absent mother

Michael Carney

Supervisors: Jim Moss, Julie Bartholomew

Apocalyptic shadows: observations on apocalypse in Judeo-Christian culture through the discourses of art


Cheri Redwood

Supervisors: Greg Donovan & Andrew Hill

INSIDE OUTSIDE: The Holding. A study of the holding capacities of (the hand-eye relationship) in visual arts practice

Riley O’Keeffe

Supervisors: Julie Henderson & Olga Sankey

Fragmenting Infinity: the limitless potential of Artistic Forms

Lisa Harms

Supervisors: Linda Walker & Vicki Crowley

Constellations: art & the after-life of images

Catherine Frawley

Supervisors: Andrew Hill & Greg Donovan

Touching Surfaces: a painting practice exploring

Jaynie Langford

Supervisors: Olga Sankey, Julie Henderson & Di Barratt

The Motion is the message: A visual investigation into the linguistic potential of an articulate gesture

Caroline Ouellette

Supervisors: Kay Lawrence & Steve Carson

In Vitro: Investigating time through the perception of the Invisible

Carol Cosgrove

Supervisors: Christine Garnaut & Judith Brine

The architectural practice as a professional service form: HASSELL

Melanie Sarantou

Supervisors: Kathleen Connellan & Chloe Patton

Namibian narratives: postcolonial identities in craft and design


Alessandra Tomeo

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Andrew Welch

My Precious: Memories and Wearable Jewellery

Melissa Connor

Supervisors Jim Moss & Kathleen Connellan

Indi Craft Blogs: Women Crafting Their Own Community

Monte Lawton-Masi

Supervisors: Steven Carson, John Barbour & Mary Knights

This will be (me) on video in order to critically inform a body of original contemporary artworks

Lauren Playfair

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Sturt Gluth

Camera Vision: An Investigation into Uncertainties of Visual Perceptions through the practice of Photography

Tyler Rock

Supervisors: Pam Zeplin & Steven Carson

The Second Artefact: An investigation of the Craft & its Engagement with Phenomena

Tara Sehatzadeh

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Stuart Gluth


Veronica Kelly

Supervisors: Kathleen Connellan & Kurt Lushington

Resonance in Visual Communication Design Practice

Elizabeth Hetzel

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Steve Carson

Unearthing the Surface: a practice-led investigation of the experience of place in sites of instability, movement and threshold

Sandra Uray-Kennett

Supervisors: Olga Sankey & Steve Carson

Coloured glass falling from fig trees

Rachel (Ray) Harris

Supervisors: Mary Knights & Kay Lawrence

I love you, I hate myself, I want to kill you: narcissistic fantasy as a narrative device in contemporary visual art

Deborah Prior

Supervisors: Kay Lawrence & Mary Knights

The Anatomical Venus. 

Exquisite Disgust & Desire: Crafting the Body in Contemporary Art Practices