Research Topics

Masters and PhD candidates in the School of Art, Architecture and Design:

Image courtesy of Masters candidate Andrea Przygonski.

Going Underground, 2015-2016

Relief print on Whenzou mulberry paper, military textile, cotton
550 x 100cm

Bashar Almosuli

Investigating the sustainable strategy of transport and urban planning for mega events. case study Dubia Expo 2020 - during and post event

Nadeem Bashir

Critical perception of visual culture as a constructivist pedagogical tool in visual communication design education in art & design institutes in Pakistan

Nigel Black

Design, creativity and Zen

Alyce Brewis

Road blocks to a creative city: opportunities and obstacles facing cultural industries within the urban policy environments of the City of Adelaide and the City and Port Adelaide Enfield

Victor Calixto

Automated space planning using social data mining

Daniel Connell

Encounter and obligation: repositioning the portrait as a socially engaged practice

Nathan Crane

Exploring the written wor(l)d: writing as a spatial practice

Aaron Davis

The application of co-creation as a methodology for low-carbon urban developlment

Alex Degaris-Boot

Creative collaboration in virtual environments

Nadege Desgenetez

Making and belonging: an investigation of the interrelations between body, place and material through practice-led research based in blown glass.

John Devlin

Developing a framework for waste informatics using a case study approach in Jakarta, Indonesia

M. Naufal Fadhil

Exploring Lost Insights of the Seventeenth-Century Aceh Urban Environments

Gabriele Fitzgerald

Investigation towards effects of adaption of waste and resource management practices in community organisations at work, home and in other settings

Tom Folber

Transmutable Painting: an ontological exploration of the digitally instigated painting through glitch and tangible translation

John Gelder

A history of early building documentation

Hulya Gilbert

Child friendly precinct design for low carbon living: improving policies and decision making tools

Gretchen Gordon

Calaveras Lux Love

Christian Hall

Sustainable futures for the body in space and environment

Angelica Harris-Faull

Shifting wombs, secret secretions: a development of print and installation artworks created in response to European medieval notions of the `wandering womb', and contemporary female embodiment

Yusuf Hayat

Curries, Kurtas & Burqas: a studio-based investigation into postmigrant perspectives

Christoper Houghton

Photography and agential landscape: material subversions in seeing, time and representationalism

Gazal Jaberi

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions: an analysis of residential sector in Adelaide 

Mabel John

A universal evaluation framework for the improvement of water’s edge public spaces

Marcin Kobylecki

Dissident Dissonance: forging a visual arts practice informed by 20th century, transatlantic, avant-garde music 

Peta Kruger

Connecting the diamantes: a practice-led investigation of jewellery networks

Pan Liao

Exploring the spatial configuration from social and cultural perspectives of the ancient Chinese towns using space syntax

Kate Little

Connections between mathematics, textiles, music and painting: examined through art practice, utilising the transfer of information and process between digital and material systems.

Lorry Marchioro

Play as an aesthetic experience

 Leslie Matthews

Interpretations of light and shadow through bodily sensory perceptions focusing on fractal geometry pattern repetition and colour to create contemporary jewellery and small scale sculptures

Bridgette Minuzzo

Real enough? How artistic representations of landscape elements may evoke biophillic impulses

Sara Mirhadi

Exploration of the factors affecting the growth of place attachment in residential neighbourhoods

Simon Modra

Strategies for an integrated use of simulation tools for developments and verification in designing human spaces in capsule environments

Tom Moore

Potato-fisg-car: exploring the metamorphic qualities of glass to create comic narratives

Stephen Nova

The Architectural imaginary: the architectural imaginary in Australian contemporary art and the polyphonic nature of drawing as a means of imagining and interpreting the urban and domestic space 

Thi Minh Nguyen

Importance of urban planning policy in building resilient cities

Vasilios Papastamoulis

Develop a draft of Australian site waste management protocol (AUSiWMaP) as a best practice of decision making tool in the construction industry

Rasoul Rafat

Urban development by approach of landscape urbanism in suburban micro landscapes

Adisti Regar

The digital beyond: how to design digital `xxo-performance modalities to enhance audience participation and engagement in theatre performance

Tricia Ross

Despair is not an option: artistic responses to the Anthropocene

Lipon Saha

Unfolding invisible architecture of Raukkan an indigenous community of South Australia

 Amanda Sefton Hogg

Zips, string and neon: Drawing a line from Abstract Expressionism to Conceptual Art; what role did line-making have in developing an abstract aesthetic to become a signifier of presence?

Tara Sehatzadeh

Looking behind to see beyond

Reshma Shrestha

Towards age friendly housing and built environment

Carly Snoswell

Beyoncé is a Port supporter: an investigation into female fan culture, textiles and personal identity

Sahar Soltani

The impact of building information modelling on construction sustainability

Darren Starr

Planning a creative city: the role of urban planning policy and practice in the development of creative cities

Zhaohong (Sarah) Sun

How local built environment quality motivate old people to walk more and improve their health

 Darren Taljaard

Measuring the effectiveness of visually augmented typography: designing digital texts for university students with dyslexia

 Kinda Tabaa-Snyder

Improving the experience of starting a well integrated multi-cultural community garden: case study community gardens of Marion Council

 Rosa Teimouri

Modeling socio-ecological development of urban green space for sustainable urban development

Chris Thornton

Communicating sustainability: the role of narrative, identity and human values

Niki Wallace

Designing for change: the role of transformation of self and practice in transitioning a design practice beyond greener things

Trevor White

Does community ownership affect public attitudes towards cumulative impacts that may be associated with wind farm projects

Jack Wilde

Analysing the potential of twentieth-century art and music noise—between futurism and fluxus—for design of architectural interiors