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Design Research for Health and Wellbeing is home to a cross-disciplinary network of researchers, creative practitioners, healthcare workers, and service users. Drawing on this diverse knowledge base, DRHW fosters collaboration with a view to devising and implementing innovations in the development and delivery of environments, health facilities, products, and services that promote the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

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An emphasis on design and design research in interdisciplinary healthcare projects allows for the rapid development and prototyping of objects, environments, systems and services. Design Research for Health and Wellbeing responds to this need for design thinking, using creative practice-based research methods to help care providers and care users better understand and communicate the lived experience of health care.

Within this context, design integrates all creative practice within the Division of Education, Arts and social Sciences, including fine art, architecture, and illustration, as well as product, communication, and interior design, animation, and digital media.

The creative practice-based research across diverse disciplines responds to issues like non-communicable disease management, preventative care, antibiotic resistance, and aging communities, working towards the creation of agile healthcare services.

Higher Degree by Research Candidates

Aaron Davis: The application of co-creation as a methodology for low-carbon urban development

Paula Gillespie-Fotheringham:  Does a brief three session creative therapy intervention elevate postnatal depression PND symptomatology.

Aaron Harvey: Reader response theory in visual communication: designing for culturally diverse learners.

Lorraine Marchioro: Play as an aesthetic experience

Bridgette Minuzzo: Real enough? How artistic representations of landscape elements may evoke biophillic impulses.

Simon Modra: Strategies for an integrated use of simulation tools for developments and verification in designing human spaces in capsule environments

Darren Taljaard:  Harnessing graphic design to assist university students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, to read, clarify and comprehend digital texts

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