Echo Chair

Title: Echo Chair

Designer: Peter Walker

Materials: Eucalyptus and Echopanel

Dimensions: 1350 x 680 x 550mm

The Echo Chair is designed to address the issue of hearing your dinner partner in a sound polluted dining environment. The chair specifically caters to dinner for two, seated opposite each other. Using the acoustic properties of Echopanel, the exterior surface of the “wings” absorbs and deadens background noise while the interior surface is designed to amplify direct conversational sound by collecting and bouncing soundwaves toward the ears of the seated person.

Echopanel is used in the upholstery of the back rest providing additional comfort while seated and as a sound absorbing surface when the seat is vacant. Echopanel is made from 60% recycled PET plastic bottles.

The Echo Chair references the design aesthetic prevalent in many mid-century chair designs, focussing on negative spaces, floating surfaces and lightness of structure while acknowledging the sculptural presence of TH Brown dining chair and bar stool designs.