Future Design Hub

The Future Design Hub is both a physical space and an approach. It acknowledges the importance of Design Principles in seeking solutions for the future. The Hub is Helping Hand’s platform for developing innovation and technologies in the ageing space - driven by principles of co-design, commercialisation and collaboration.

The Hub space is at 49 Buxton Street, North Adelaide, located within one of Helping Hand’s residential care homes. It offers the opportunity to explore, develop and test ideas and products which aim to improve the quality of life of older people. The provision of a physical space unlocks the opportunity to undertake research and projects in partnership with residents, as well as links to the broader Helping Hand community.

The Future Design Hub is an Enterprising Partnership project between Helping Hand and UniSA. The two organisations have worked together for more than twenty years developing leading research and student placement programs. In 2017 the organisations celebrated their relationship with the signing of an MOU to represent an Enterprising Partnership.

Helping Hand is a South Australian not-for-profit organisation offering home care services, retirement living and residential care home accommodation to over 7,000 clients in metropolitan and regional South Australia.

We invite you to explore your research and project ideas with us. Please contact either:

Jill Agius

Project Coordinator

Ph 0414 584 213 (Mon-Wed)

Email: jagius@helpinghand.org.au

Jan Van Emden

Business Manager – Research and Development

Ph 82234 7839 (Mon-Fri)

Email: jvanemden@helpinghand.org.au


More information about Helping Hand can be found here.