iHealth for Anxiety and Asthma

Title: “Mixed reality and holographic technologies (iHealth) to deliver cognitive and behavioural therapy for the treatment of symptoms of anxiety among teenagers with asthma”.

Researchers: Assoc Prof Kristin Carson-Chahhoud, Dr Andrew Tai, Assoc Prof Nicola Spurrier, Dr Ross Smith, Prof Adrian Esterman, Prof Ian Gwilt, Dr Helen Stallman.

Funding: This project has been funded for $75,000 over two years by the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation

To improve access to and uptake of evidence-based treatments for heightened psychological distress in young people with asthma, this project will evaluate iHealth technology (augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic technology) as a delivery mechanism for cognitive and behavioural therapy. Development of iHealth tools will be guided by a comprehensive protocol for health program development, with direction from experts in Design, Information Technology, Respiratory Medicine, and Psychology. The practicality and feasibility of these resources for use by youth, their parents/guardians, and health professionals will be evaluated through qualitative research (focus groups and one-on-one interviews) and a randomised-controlled feasibility study. This study will provide essential pilot data to guide development of a fully powered RCT.

Instructional video appears when device is scanned.

Augmented reality asthma inhaler chart. When scanned with the app, this AR tool displays videos demonstrating correct technique for every inhaler.