The Architecture of Health

Title: The Architecture of Health: A historical perspective on therapeutic places 1790-1940

Author: Dr Julie Collins

Publisher: Routledge UK – Work in progress – Manuscript to be submitted in 2019

City of Exeter Lunatic Asylum, The Builder, 16 September 1882.


Julie is currently working on a book exploring buildings and landscapes that were designed to treat or prevent disease. Written from an architectural perspective, it examines the historical relationship between health and place through dedicated therapeutic building types (including sanatoria, asylums, homes, and public parks) of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a time when the environment was seen as integral to the health of both the individual and the population.

Dr Julie Collins is Research Associate and Curator at the Architecture Museum in the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. She has published on architectural, cultural and social history including on the influence of climate on Australian colonial architecture, women in the architectural profession, as well as architectural histories of therapeutic places designed for mental illness and tuberculosis.