Zero-energy Home Envelope Systems

Title: Affordable Zero-energy Home Envelope Systems - Design and Optimisation

UniSA staff: Dr David Kroll, David Morris, Joti Weijers-Coghlan

Clients/Partners: Mirage Homes 

The project supports the development and optimisation of an external insulated envelope system with Mirage Homes as our industry partner for an affordable zero-energy house to reduce the cost of low-energy housing and make it available to a volume market. The aim is to optimize passive performance of the building envelope (wall, roof, floor and junctions) in order to minimize the reliance on active systems (e.g. air-conditioning). The project addresses health and well-being of homes by supporting a more comfortable indoor environment while at the same time reducing energy-costs and use. Poor building performance in homes has been a significant contributor to global warming and poor levels of indoor comfort can impact various aspects of well-being (e.g. sleep). The long term aim is to develop this prototype into a built home prototype for submission to the next US Solar Decathlon.