Brian Claridge: Architect of Light and Space

Adam Dutkiewicz (2007/8 DEWNR Built Heritage Research Fellow)

Research on Architect Brian Claridge

Claridge House

Claridge House by Brian Claridge, Stonyfell, 1952. View from north-west. Courtesy Lisa Radetti.

One of the generation of post-World War Two architects who had deep regard for the architect’s social and environmental responsibilities, Brian Claridge was an architect, writer, educator and public intellectual whose saw architecture as an artform and was an advocate of inventive, environmentally sensitive architecture between  ca.1950-1970’. As a practitioner, author and architectural critic he contributed to public discussion and debate about modern architecture and design as well as creating buildings which expressed such beliefs.

A PDF (8MB) of the Architecture Museum monographBrian Claridge: Architect of Light and Spaceby Adam Dutkiewicz (2008) can be found HERE.