Harold T. Griggs: The People’s Architect

Melanie Cooper (2009/10 DEWNR Built Heritage Research Fellow)

Architect Harold Griggs was a key proponent of the small ‘ideal’ house in South Australia. His work provides a number of significant examples of how social, cultural, economic and political influences shaped the interwar and mid-century built environment. Given the enormous volume of Griggs’ architectural work, this monograph focuses on his designs for the small home. Such residences, designed by an architect who had chosen to specialise in domestic architecture, continue to survive as indicators and reminders of South Australia’s history and its place in a world standing on the brink of change.

Copies of the monograph are available for purchase from the Architecture Museum. Please email architecturemuseum@unisa.edu.au

The monograph is available through the University of South Australia Library as an e-book HERE.