Years of significance: South Australian architecture during World War 1

Research Team: Christine Garnaut, Julie Collins and Alexander Ibels

This project addressed the absence of scholarly studies of Australian architectural history in relation to the years of the Great War 1914-18, and questioned the conventional wisdom that the period was one in which architectural activity was suspended while architects either went to war or grappled with the constraints of wartime shortages. It drew on journals of the period notably The Salon and its successor Architecture and Building, as well as primary archival materials - architects' drawings, correspondence, notebooks and photographs held in the Architecture Museum's collections, as well as newspapers and other published sources. Items identified as being designed and/or built in South Australia during the study period were compiled in a database available in the Museum.

Findings from the research are published as:

Collins, J., Ibels, A. and Garnaut, C. (2005) Years of significance: South Australian architecture and the Great War, Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia, no 33, pp.25-39.

Funded by a University of South Australia, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences Research Performance Fund Grant.