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The Design Construct Program is our nation-leading, hands-on construction program offering project based learning experience to students of the School of Art, Architecture and Design. Running since 1993, it is one of the largest student construction programs in the world and has produced a number of remarkable buildings, many of which have won awards.

By participating in Design Construct you will gain the kind of firsthand experience that can prepare you for professional life like nothing else. When it comes to applied design, considering client and community needs and working collaboratively with the building site in mind, it doesn't get much better than this. So go on, inspire yourself: Take a look at our current projects and find out what it is like to get involved.


Mawson Lakes Facility

The purpose-built facility, based at the Mawson Lakes campus, provides students with an unique opportunity to design and construct buildings for remote communities in Australia and overseas.



Design Construct - Tanna Island

For 25 years, the program has helped increase capacity and empower indigenous communities in Australia and overseas through a range of custom designed buildings. On Tanna Island in Vanuatu, the eco-tourism project helps this community to generate income to educate their children, retain ownership of their land and culture while creating replicable and sustainable tourist facilities for other ni-Vanuatu communities.

Current Project

Design And Construct

In early 2012, on the basis of evolving experience with remote Indigenous projects, the Design Construct Program was invited to assist a community at Port Resolution, Tanna Island, Vanuatu, to design and construct visitor accommodation as a means of generating income for children’s education.

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Get Involved

As a participant in Design Construct you will be involved in all stages of the building process, including developing design proposals, dealing with clients, building and documentation. This valuable process is one of the best possible preparations for your professional life.

Projects pass through several phases:

  • Design: students are briefed, survey sites and produce proposals
  • Design development: students undertake intensive courses, developing their designs in small groups
  • Planning and certification
  • Building: two-week prefabrication sessions are run during student holidays. Students are also involved in on-site building

Projects are generally long-term and pass from one group of students to another.

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