Agile X

Agile X

Agile X was a series of interdisciplinary workshops involving artists, designers, architects, scientists and students to identify a 21st Century design experience based on the concept of Morphogenetic Prototyping. The workshops were held in the week of November 21st 2016 and involved a range of methodologies in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Biomimetics, 3D Modeling, Tangible Interface design, Bioprinting, Virtual Reality prototyping, Rapid Prototyping, Ontogeny, Genetic Programming, Evolutionary programming and MORPHOGENETIC PROTOTYPING. Morphogenetic prototyping supports the mapping of transdisciplinary models of biological system development to real world challenges in design and engineering disciplines. The ontogenetical (developmental biology) focus of this research offers an alternative to the traditional mechanistic interest of biomimetics in design and engineering.The project was led by UniSA researchers Dr Tim McGinley, Dr Kei Hoshi, Associate Prof. Sally Plush and Dr Petra Gruber (University of Akron), with the involvement of Aurelien Forget (QUT), Prof. Nimish Biloria (UTS), Prof. Simon Biggs, Dr Linda Pearce, Dr Julie Collins, Brett Abroe, Dr Manual Muehlbauer (RMIT), Dr Sophie Wiszniak and Prof. Ning Gu.

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