Rethinking Housing

Rethinking Housing:

Network Analysis for Digital Collaboration

Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project Grant

2018 - 2020: London, K. and Gu, N. (Chief Investigator)

Project Summary: The project aims to understand persistent housing sector supply problems through analysis of digital collaborative practices. This project expects to generate new knowledge for an emerging housing digital economy using interdisciplinary actor network theory and data visualisation techniques on a series of national case studies, with specific focuses on New South Wales and South Australia. The housing sector has long been criticised for shortcomings in affordability, efficiency, quality, social and environmental responsiveness and appropriateness of offerings. Expected outcomes include enhanced housing supply professionals' capability, improved knowledge among public/private sector decisionmakers responsible for housing supply and development of new digital collaborative behavioural theoretical and practical frameworks for the sector.

The outcomes will lead to increased capability of digital collaborative practices by industry and government responsible for our housing supply sector. Improved capability will enable better policy and practice decision making by stakeholders on challenges plaguing the sector in providing an effective and efficient housing supply sector. Benefits will include a more professional workforce, increased competitiveness, higher quality housing stock and longer term a better quality of life.