Time-layered Cultural Map of Australia

Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant

2019 - 2020: Craig, H., Verhoeven, D., Arthur, P., May, A., Smith, R., Gu, N. (Chief Investigator), Champion, E., Harvey, M., Haskins, V. and Ryan, L.

Bertram House

Bertram House

Project Summary: 

The project aims to develop an online system to deliver researcher-driven national-scale infrastructure for the humanities, focused on mapping, time series, and data integration. Australian scholars and scholars of Australia worldwide are well served with digital resources and tools to deepen the understanding of Australia and its historical and cultural heritage. There are, however, significant barriers to use. The Time Layered Cultural Map of Australia (TLCMap) will provide an umbrella infrastructure related to time and space, helping to activate and draw together existing high-quality resources. TLCMap will expand the use of Australian cultural and historical data for research through sharply defined and powerful discovery mechanisms. TLCMap will provide new tools for humanities researchers to use resources already created, and in turn to enrich those sources with tagging and cross-referencing. By enabling more efficient spatial humanities research this project supports existing research strengths and develops research infrastructure for the broader humanities research community. The visualisations in time and space provided by TLCMap will assist researchers to communicate their findings in the public sphere. Outcomes will include the discovery of hitherto hidden patterns in Australian cultural and historical life and a deeper engagement by the wider public in this heritage.

Jointly led by Professor Ning Gu and Dr Julie Nichols and supported with the national TLCMap infrastructure, the UniSA sub-project focuses on digitally mapping complex layers of architectural and built heritage, focusing on the Ngadjuri/Burra region. The Burra region is important in early colonial Australian history, the site of a copper mining town, depopulated at various times, retaining a great deal of heritage value. The Ngadjuri people are the Indigenous Australian people whose traditional lands relate to the districts of Peterborough, Burra and Robertstown.