About Us

About Us

Match Studio is a dynamic research and learning space where interdisciplinary teams of students, academics and researchers engage, think, learn, and co-create innovative solutions to real-world challenges. We match up teaching and work-integrated learning with research and industry-linked projects. Drawing from a suite of collaborative facilitation tools, we apply ‘design thinking’ and ‘co-design’ methods and methodologies to identify and articulate a challenge, and then develop solutions that will deliver outcomes (products, services, processes, knowledge) that are designed to make a difference.

Drawing from the University’s over 45 academic disciplines, Match Studio develops project-specific interdisciplinary communities of practice that approach problems from new and user-focused perspectives.

We work with industry, government, non-government and not-for-profit organisations to help them solve societal, environmental, business and organisational problems by offering a suite of cutting-edge thinking and collaboration tools and processes. We do this by devising, coordinating and auspicing:

• Interdisciplinary, undergraduate and postgraduate course-integrated studio projects, linking students and industry

Research-based studio projects and internships

• Design Thinking and Co-Design workshops for UniSA staff, industry and community groups tailored to clients’ specific challenges

Working with Match Studio you can:

  • Identify and articulate a challenge
  • Generate, experiment with, and test ideas for products, services, policy and social innovations
  • Develop proof-of-concept for industry and research projects
  • Translate research and development concepts into prototypes
  • Be part of a community of practice developing work-ready graduates
  • Engage with the Match+ professional development network events and activities