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On Thursday 10 October, to coincide with World Mental Health Day, Match Studio and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre presented the inaugural Visualising Mental Health Forum. The Guest Speaker at the inaugural VMH Forum was Mr Chris Burns CSC, Commissioner, SA Mental Health Commission and included presentations from the two winning teams comprised of 3rd year Communication Design students, as well as a panel discussion with Dr Jane Andrew and Dr Gareth Furber. It was moderated by Professor Nicholas Procter.

Visualising Mental Health Forum Video

Media Release: UniSA’s Match Studio taking on mental health in new ways

Visualising Mental Health Exhibition

2019 Visualising Mental Health initiative

Winner: Monster Me
Monster Me team - Kimberly Molenaar, Kit Ying Chloe Yau &  Amelia Nichols

Second Place: Mother in the Making
Mother in the Making team – Lulu Hardy, Winnie Packer, Sophie Horvat and Hannah Brooks

Third Place (prototyped if funded secured through crowdfunding): No Shit!
No Shit! team – Michaela DiFabio, Chelsea Gilbert, Jamie Sowton and Ruby Byrne

SA Mental Health Commission Honourable MentionFeeliens
Feeliens team – Chloe Mulligan, Lianna Andersen and Jordan Minervini

Institute of Private Practising Psychologists Special CommendationHumpty: The Great Fall
Humpty: The Great Fall team – Andrew Liu, Jordan Francis, Ben Lu and Kim Nguyen

The winning student concept that will have a limited production run is Monster Me. The students designed a mobile game for children aged 6-12 years that aims to show them that mental health is just as important as physical health and needs to be valued and taken care of equally. Funding for the limited production run has been provided through a grant from the SA Mental Health Commission.

The second placed team, Mother in the Making, designed a reflective prompt journal that is a tool to enable new mothers to explore the myriad emotions they’re experiencing and to better understand how they’re feeling throughout this experience. Mother in the Making will have a limited production run once we secure funds through a crowdfunding campaign. The SA Mental Health Commission will provide support for the crowdfunding campaign.

The third placed team is No Shit!. No Shit! is based on an idea to address the complexities of courtesy on social media platforms and presented as a card game. The No Shit! design solution encourages face-to-face interaction to recharge relationships and engage in respective acts of good will. 

The winning prototypes and posters of the student’s concepts can be seen in the Visualising Mental Health 2019 Exhibition at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, UniSA until 23 October 2019.

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TôkTea: Time to Talk, is a tea-based product that is designed to help build social connections and to stimulate conversations about emotions that can be uncomfortable to talk about. Around 10% of adults aged over 60 experience anxiety and around 10-15% experience depression. This is higher in residential care, with about 35% experiencing depression. Strong social connections are important in maintaining emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Emotions are like tea; some are pleasant, but if you let them brew they become overwhelming. Starting conversations can be hard especially in environments with people that are unfamiliar. Each package comes with  five boxes of tea. Four boxes are labelled Fear, Sadness, Joy and Anger. The fifth box consists of a TokTea mix of these four emotions. Within each box there are ten teabags topped with a prompt question designed to start an open-minded conversation.

Let's Deal With It

Let’s Deal With It encourages people to enact and discuss potentially uncomfortable or challenging scenarios we encounter in the real world. The game has been adapted to be played in a one-on- one setting: between a mental health clinician and a client; or in a socialised group setting with a maximum of five players.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is popular method of treatment for a wide array of psychological disorders, most commonly depression and anxiety. Currently, psychologists use tools such as journaling, coping worksheets and breathing techniques as a way for clients to employ CBT in their everyday life. As a fun and educational card game for young people aged 15 -25, Let’s Deal With It seeks to add to these traditional techniques by using gameplay as a conduit to support CBT in either a clinical or social setting. 

To request a copy of either or both of the TokTea and Let’s Deal With It prototypes to test with patients and/or clients, contact Dr Jane Andrew, via email at or call (08) 8302-9244.

  • Humpty Prototype

    Humpty Prototype

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    No Shit! Prototype

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    Feeliens Creatures

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    Feeliens Design

  • Feeliens Prototype

    Feeliens Prototype

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